The 5 Killer Mobile App Marketing Mistakes Your Business Is Making

The mobile app space continues to grow by leaps & bounds. More and more apps are popping up in the app store every day. Though anyone can create a mobile app, creating an excellent app and expecting it to find success on the app store is a fast road to frustration. So, how can you go about acquiring and retaining users? Well, marketing your app can help, but before you start, you should know that when it comes to app marketing, most marketers tend to trip in specific regions. To give you a leg up, I’m going to describe five common mistakes that most marketers tend to make, but you don’t have to. 

Mistake #1: Not having a marketing plan

One of the more common mistakes businesses make is building a new app without having a marketing plan for it. Keep in mind, no matter how good your app is marketing is crucial to the success of your app. But most businesses start thinking about marketing after the initial release of their app. To improve your chances of success you need to start your marketing strategy in reverse. 

If you’re building an app without creating a marketing plan for it, you’re wasting your time.

Mistake #2: Focusing on acquiring new users only

Acquiring new users is critical for your app success, but you also need to keep them. If you only focus on app downloads and don’t engage new users early, they’ll leave as quickly as they came. Don’t be one of those apps that get too many downloads, but rarely get opened. Though this seems obvious in theory but in reality, it can be hard to engage new users early. Unsure on how to generate lifetime value for the users? Here’s an excellent primer on how to do exactly that: How to Engage Your New App Users In 3 Easy Steps.

The acquisition strategy is vital to building a business;  the retention strategy is critical to stay in business.

Mistake #3: Sending generic push notifications 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that sending push notifications will increase your app engagement. Nobody is interested in receiving push messages anymore – in fact, more than half of the app users see push as an annoying distraction.

If you want to win over your app users, send hyper-targeted push messages that are both timely and relevant, to delight your users and entice them to come back to your site.

Law of better conversions: Targeted push notifications lead to more conversions. Generic push notifications lead to fewer conversions as simple as that.

Mistake #4: Sending too many push messages

Sending push messages leads to higher user engagement and hence betters retention. But marketers often forget that “the more, the merrier” doesn’t apply here. It’s not the quantity that counts; it’s the quality. Instead of using push notifications as a mean to increase your conversions – focus on enhancing your users’ experience and providing value.

Push notifications work but sending too many push messages can work against you too, and it’s getting worse for the companies that do it.

Mistake #5: Relying on old tactics and tips 

The marketing landscape is evolving at a faster pace than ever, and mobile marketing is no exception. A tactic that’s working well now may not get the same results in a few months. And, if you are not testing new tactics and tips you won’t get good results in the long term. So, If you want to stay on the top of the game, you should keep your eye on new trends and should always be testing these new ideas.

It’s crucial to learn new tactics and tips regularly but don’t forget to implement them.

No matter which marketing channel you use – you should personalize your messages according to users’ preferences. And should send these messages at their preferred timing and cadence to earn their attention and induce them to buy from you.