The Best Mobile App Testing Tools of 2017

There are specialized tools that help to test mobile apps more effectively and faster.

Nowadays there are an increasing number of different mobile apps developed for multiple platforms. A software tester has to deal with diversity of operating systems but it is not the only problem the specialist is grappling with. These are as follows:

  • Wide range of mobile devices.
  • A large variety of applications for mobile devices.
  • Device fragmentation.
  • A multitude of testing interfaces.

Well, let us start getting acquainted with the most popular tools used for ad hoc testing.

The widely used general-utility tools:

Appium is probably one of the best known mobile app testing tools. The philosophy of Appium best describes this software program:

  • To test an app in an automated manner, the user does not need to recompile and modify the program.
  • The user must not be limited to using a particular language or framework when writing or executing test cases.
  • It not necessary to “invent the wheel” when it comes to automating the API testing.
  • Mobile app testing framework must be open source not only by definition but also by nature.

You are likely to be interested in mobile testing services so that to ensure that your programs run correctly on popular platforms and devices.

Selendroid is one of the most powerful and efficient tools for testing different types of Android apps: natives, mobile and hybrid ones. Its advantages are:

  • Since Selendroid test cases are written on Selenium Webdriver client API, it can support full integration with the latest Selenium frameworks.
  • It may be used on real devices and on emulators / simulators, thus becoming an excellent compatibility testing tool.
  • Specialized test development tool called Inspector designed to check UI of your app.
  • Automated execution of existing emulators.
  • It is not required to modify an app under test with the aim to automate it.
  • The user may change plug and unplug while performing the test without rerunning or terminating the test itself.
  • Selendroid supports for old versions of Android, starting from the 10 th.
  • Full integration in Selenium Grid, as a node, for parallel and scaling testing.
  • Full integration in JSON Wire Protocol/Selenium 3 Ready.
  • Click recording.

Disadvantages of Selendroid:

Direct support only for Android apps. Though, it is worth mentioning that ios-driver can be used for testing natives, mobile and hybrid apps.


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