Tips to Improve The SEO of Mobile App For Events

The development of a mobile app for events are done within weeks. The real challenge is to market it properly by doing a proper SEO for that. The attendees always look for a premium experience with a big brand conference. May be your application will also give them the desired experience. However, in order to appreciate your app, they need to find it first. Since the App Stores of Apple and Google keep on being updated at a regular interval, it is necessary for a brand to improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for its event app so that it is easier for the attendee to find it. The followings are some important tips for how you can improve the SEO.

Use a Branded Application

There are many event application vendors these days which has made it mandatory to the organizer that if you want to host your event within their brand, your attendees must use their universal application (not an application unique to your brand). This means your attendees are also bound to download all the upcoming event details under that brand umbrella and this could include your competitor’s event also. So, if you want to have control over your event’s appearance, you have to make a tailor-made application that is unique to your brand. Do not follow any available format. An application bearing your brand also make it easy for the attendees to search for it.

Promote Landing Page

The application that you develop for your program, should have a page destination (known as the landing page) on your website that everyone searching for your event should land on. Even if you are the host for several events, if there is a consistent landing page, your guests should be able to find their event via that page easily. So, it is advisable to fine-tune the SEO of that landing page itself. Even if the product page of your application on an App Store is updated, the constant SEO of your website’s landing page will improve the ranking of your application.

App Store Product Page SEO

The App Stores and its updates are not in your hand. But you still can optimize the page where your listing shows on the App Store. This will help you make sure that your mobile app for events rank in the top position in the in-app search result. The modern customizations available in the App Store helps to improve the SEO of mobile applications a lot. Apply those on your product page and see the change.

The core of SEO is to improve ranking so that your application appears on the top positions in the search results. This will impress your attendees as they will be able to find you quite easily. Before you embrace any other marketing strategies, you must remember that the visibility of your application is the most important for your marketing team to fetch success. Also, easy availability of an event application, or any mobile application for that matter, prompts attendee’s trust on that application.