Top 10 Mobile App Developers for Remote Hire on YouTeam

Hire top 10 software developers from Eastern Europe

The app development market is constantly growing nowadays and it’s hard to imagine ourselves without a mobile device packed with dozens of different applications. The talent pool of app developers also has a great variety of engineers to offer, but in order to create a product of high quality, one has to possess top software developer skills and experience. We prepared a list of Top 10 App developers available for hire on YouTeam platform to help you with searching.


Android software developer

Stas is an Android software developer experienced in Object-oriented programming & design; Mobile applications architecture design & developing (including embedded applications); Android UI/UX design, layouts developing; Database architecture design and development for mobile applications. Digital signal processing and other computation algorithms implementation. Wide experience of code re-engineering and optimization by structure and performance.


Senior front-end developer with more than 5.5 years of experience coding and maintaining websites

Vladislav’s major skills are covering various JavaScript technologies such as Angular, React, Node. He has a very good experience in software development using ReactJS and Ionic based Mobile App development.


Specialized in iOS and Ruby on Rails development

Ilija is a skilled iOS developer that has completed over 20 projects for a period of 5 years. He has a strong knowledge of the iOS framework. Acting as a tech lead on most of the projects. For the last 2.5 years, he has been focused on backend development where he successfully completed several Ruby on Rails projects.


Senior .NET developer with more than 5 years of commercial experience in software development

Nikita has an experience in programming 5 years. During this time he was responsible for writing clear and optimized code, developing solutions and writing technical specifications. He has strong knowledge of .NET Framework and design patterns. Additional experience includes web-development using ASP.NET and Angular2. Key qualities: responsibility, perseverance, punctuality, desire to grow.


Native iOS Engineer with experience of building the next generation of mobile applications

Mykola has experienced in C, Objective-C, Swift languages with imperative/ reactive approaches. He has experience with the different frameworks and Social networks integrations, backend services, UI components, GIT.


A full-stack Android engineer experienced in building native Android and hybrid apps

Denis has a hands-on background in developing native Android and hybrid (Ionic/Cordova, Xamarin.Android) applications. He cares for every project he works on and always comes up with suggestions and technical recommendations on how the app performance can be improved.


Full stack developer with decent backend expertise

Alexey is a hard-working and highly proficient engineer with over 6 years of experience and genuine passion for mobile development. He’s been of the top software app developers as his agency argued. Need a native and stable mobile app? Alexey will be glad to provide you with the solution.


Android developer with 4+ years’ experience; Class D chessplayer

Yurii is an android mobile app developer working with Android SDK and Java. He has a previous experience in development of small- to medium-size Service Applications. Solutions delivered: mobile maps and navigation, social networks & smart home products. Has a lot of experience working on legacy projects.


Senior Android Developer

Ivan has 4+ years of experience in commercial Android software development. He also has a very good understanding of building the app architecture and developing network applications for Android platform. He is used to working in an agile, fast-paced environment but also likes the flexibility of learning and experimenting with new methodologies and frameworks.


Java/Android Developer

Dima is a mobile developer with years of extensive experience in Android and Java development. He has developed a lot of apps such as social media, fitness & health, shopping apps, location app etc.

That’s not the top 10 software developers in the world, however, these specialists are thoroughly pre-vetted by development agencies with a proven track record of global successful product launches.