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For companies all over the world, it has become essential to have mobile apps available for their employees and customers. Due to the high cost associated with these tasks, several businesses look for organizations on foreign shores for value-for-money services.

Cambodia is one such hotspot, as there are several mobile app development companies in the country. They provide top-notch services at a fraction of the cost. Here are the top 10 mobile app developers in Cambodia:

The goal of ABi Technologies is to empower their clients with their expertise in creativity, innovation, and IT knowledge. ABi Technologies has the skills and tools to meet all your requirements at the right cost. The company is well-known throughout Cambodia for offering state-of-the-art Android and iOS services to their clients.

A web and mobile app development and consultation company from Cambodia, Biz Solution provides a myriad of top-grade services to their clients. With the help of 43 expert developers, the company worked with 180 clients, locally and globally. They divide their mobile app development lifecycle into five stages, to make it easy for clients to follow the progress of their projects.

A company which specializes in mobile app development, CamMob has a team of excellent developers. Their employees worked with multiple Android and iOS apps, giving them the edge over their competitors. They pay great attention to detail, so that their clients get high-quality and exceptional mobile apps.

After the establishment of Cam App Technology in 2014, the company has grown to become a top player in the mobile app development industry. The business aims to provide excellent technology services to their clients, with the aim of helping them achieve their targets. Cam App Technology specializes in Android mobile app development, as their developers have tremendous expertise with this mobile OS.

A top-notch mobile app development company in Cambodia, they worked hard to become a well-known business throughout the country. They provide high-quality solutions so that companies can grow while expanding the reach of their services.

They have a lot of experience working with both Android and iOS apps. Also, they make sure they build each app independently so that they don’t have any problems working in their respective mobile OS.

A professional mobile app development company based in Cambodia, Inoover has a team of experienced developers. They always go the extra mile to ensure the projects surpass the expectations of their clients. They worked with customers all over the globe, including America and Japan. As the company offers a wide variety of digital services, you can never go wrong with Inoover.

A large mobile app development organization in Cambodia, the company, handled over 150 projects successfully. When you work with Khmerdev, you get the opportunity to work with expert developers, well-versed in both Android and iOS. Their team has ample amounts of experience in mobile app design, deployment, and testing.

When it comes to digital services, very few companies in Cambodia can match Okoone. It is one of the best in the industry to offer phenomenal cloud, web, and mobile solutions to all their clients. Whether you want a web-based, hybrid, or native mobile apps for Android or iOS, Okoone will always deliver.

They provide superior backend services for their mobile apps, so that it can meet the demands of their clients. They also follow the best standards when it comes to support and maintenance.

Since the start of the company, they completed more than 68 projects, and got over 8,000 ratings and reviews for their games. Whether you want an Android or iOS app, Sompom Digital Agency is always ready for the task.

The company uses Unity3D to develop mobile apps, to ensure they provide excellent user experience. They take the time and effort to understand the needs of their clients, before taking action.

Another company which works with global clients, TSD Co., Ltd is one of the top businesses in the mobile app development industry. They ensure every product is flexible and user-friendly, to meet numerous requirements of their clients. Their team of developers work with the company at every single step of the project, so that everyone is on the same page.