Top 4 Mobile App Categories That Require Payment Gateway Integration

Does your mobile app fall under this category? Check out these top 4 mobile app categories that require a payment gateway integration feature, allowing users to make safe and secure payments. Let’s have a quick look at the categories!
If you are planning to develop a mobile app for your product/service, there will come a point where you need to integrate the payment gateway in your app or website. It is a very basic phenomenon of life – “Everything comes at a price, Nothing is for free”, so payment gateway integration is a must for your mobile app.
Payment Gateway Integration is a convenience included as a feature in mobile applications. The gateway is a technical junction, enabling the secure transmission of payment data to the processor.
So, if you are in a fear of choosing the wrong payment gateway integration for your app, not to worry, we have discussed a gist of some influenced factors. You should keep these factors in mind while choosing a payment gateway integration , before elaborating 4 categories for the same.
Factors to keep in mind while choosing a Payment Gateway Integration
Security: To protect the details of credit/debit card transactions, there has to be an advanced technology like fraud transaction, One Time Password Service, and User Verification.
Easy Integration: It should be easy and feasible with your service/product code designing. One should confirm the platforms of integrating the app like e-commerce and online booking service.
Multi-Currency: The local currency product/service will always take you ahead of your competitor. But if your audience is worldwide, multi-currency support is necessary.
Customer Support: While deciding the payment integration method, one should ask for costs to provide the best user experience and quality assistance even if it is expensive for better future customer support.
After aligning all these factors, look at the options that you have for your particular product/service mobile app. You have to look into various categories and study in which one is your app fitting. There are some top mobile app categories, including transport app, on-demand app, e-commerce app, and accommodation app. All these mobile app development have a different use of payment integration systems, let us discuss such app categories, which can feature the use of payment gateway integration for better engagement and easy accessibility.
Top 4 App Categories That Require Payment Gateway Integration
1. Transportation Apps
In this day to day hustle, reaching on time with a presentable look has increased the taxi booking app genre. People opt for taxi apps to travel from one place to another, so taxi booking apps secure the first place in the category.
In fact, transport businesses like cabs, buses, and metros have to integrate payment gateway feature to easily manage the payment terminology without dis-satisfying the customers.
Payment Gateway Integration facilitates a transportation business with: Sorted bills at one place Streamline accounting on an easy interface Send a faster invoice to the customers
If you are planning to develop an app for your transportation business, this feature will help you in a seamless fund organization.
2. On-Demand Apps
On-Demand, the name itself suggests daily purpose and urgent bases like food and beverages, travel and tourism, health and fitness, salon and spa, and other similar services. For an accurate service, these apps have literally become a way of life. For example, a user can order food from an app like Postmates and it will be delivered to his doorstep in the specified time.
With the availability of multiple payment methods like cash on delivery, credit card, debit card, and e-wallets, it becomes a convenient option to avail services at home. This avoids “waiting for the chance to arrive” for a product/service consumption. The users nowadays like to keep it cashless and finish the payment online for no later hindrances.
An on-demand app should have new technology trends to drive their desired audience’s satisfaction. For fast adapting apps, payment integration can sell services with efficient connectivity. It lets you manage your business even when you are not present in the office through a mobile app. A professionally designed on-demand app reduces your hassles by tailoring your inventories and appointments or bookings easily.
3. E-Commerce Apps
The world is now switching towards pocket supplies, i.e. everything in your mobile phone, as an app. E-Commerce is one such platform that consists of online shopping for almost every lifestyle product. Thus, it needs a user-friendly secured purchase option that can be easily used and not just seen or appreciated.
E-Commerce apps should have multiple online payment modes with secured financial protection. This increases sales and establishes faith in the minds of potential and existing customers regarding the secured security provided.
4. Accommodation Apps
An online accommodation app (Hotel booking, Flight Booking, Airbnb) like Hopper can make the bookings round the clock for all 7 days a week. Without an online booking app, your business has to rely on phone calls and walk-ins only to make reservations. A payment gateway integration feature keeps track of each reservation and all related details. With this, you will be able to outline the areas where you require to focus and develop your business.
Integrating payment feature in such apps gives a sense of assurance from the merchant’s side to the customer. For example, a man books a hotel room through the hotel booking app and pays the rentals for the stay. He is now secured about it as he receives a confirmation mail from both ends bank and merchant. Thus, it is a very easy and quick process without any third party hurdle.
Wrapping Up
With a well-maintained payment integration system, a  mobile application can gain its share of consumer loyalty and huge sales. It connects the business and consumers effectively by simply boosting the payment modes and features.  So, if your mobile app idea is under any of these categories, share your requirements with us.
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