Track Mobile App Sales With Simi Sales Tracking

You are the owner of  a Magento mobile shopping apps after utilizing mobile app builder SIMICART integrated with so many unique features.

But the difficulty is that you can not find out the platform helping you to manage the sales as well as the operation data during the process of doing business.

Don’t worry because SimiCart always provides you with the best service besides itsfull support in Knowledge Camp. With Simi Sales Tracking, you will be able to track sales easily and not miss any important information relating to your business situation. Let’s discover together!

What is Simi Sales Assistant?

Seeing that tracking sales of a Magento mobile app is very important, SimiCart did launch an app which is considered a connector – Simi Sales Assistant.

Simi Sales Assistant is a free application to help you track your sales and Magento order status via mobile. If you are owning a mobile device running on Android 2.2 (or later) or iOS  5.0 (or later), then grab this native app now.

This is a separate supporting app from SimiCart, you can find more information about Simi Sales Assistant here!

Benefit of utilizing Simi Sales Assistant to track mobile app sales

It can be said that SimiCart always cares about and meets the demand of every single customer. Just looking at what it provides customers, you can see how beneficial the Simi Sales Assistant app is.

Real-time order statistics

With this function, you can keep track of all the activities that happen on your store once you have logged into the app. The list of orders your store receives will be shown up clearly and fully on a report. Moreover, the data will be updated instantly as there are new orders and you will never miss any essential data.

Dashboard showing full data

The dashboard is where you can get a full overview of today’s sales, orders, status Magento, bestsellers…All the important data will be brought to the forefront of Simi Sales Assistant to provide you with the most generic overview of your operation. It will help you to keep track with the new sales since the last logout.

Do you want to boost the sales revenue in a short time? Then track the bestsellers’ statistics to know which products you are best at selling.

With Shopping apps – Simi Sales Assistant, it is very easy for you to update the number of orders, total order value and others’ details of each best-selling products. One more special thing is that you even can modify the display of Bestseller the way you like.

Order reports right in your hand

You can track mobile app sales basing on the reports given by Simi Sales Assistant. It will provide you with details of order status as specific of time like Today, Yesterday,….

If you have a large number of orders, you can utilize Filter function to know the status of such orders like Complete, Closed, Cancelled,…

Get to know customer’ insights

Simi Sales Assistant helps to show the overview of customers in a chronological list. The list will contain personal information as well as purchase history. By tracking this information, you can define the target customers that your business should focus on.

In each profile of each customer there comes up with a customer detail, so whenever there is the problem between you and customers, you can easily contact them.

How to set up Simi Sales Assistant to track mobile app sales?

The setup of Simi Sales Assistant seems to never be easier than now. It just takes you about 5 minutes to make your dream come true.

Visit the page:

Click on the button to get Simi Sales Assistant for your app

If you are the new comer, you can read the Simitracking Connector Installation Guide and Simitracking User Guide for detailed guide to get desirable app.

Now, you can track the sales of Magento mobile app built with SimiCart simply with Simi Sales Assistant.

Do not hesitate to set up for your own app the efficient Dashboard of sales tracking RIGHT NOW!

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Track Mobile App Sales With Simi Sales Assistant – Why Not?

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