Watch Dogs 3 Confirmed By Ubisoft Club Mobile App?

When it was revealed that Ubisoft had four AAA games releasing within the next fiscal year, gamers were quick to postulate that two of the unknown games would be The Division 2 and Watch Dogs 3. Considering recent developments, it definitely seems that the community was spot-on, as one game has officially been announced and the other has been heavily teased.

Earlier this year, Ubisoft revealed Sam – a personal gaming assistant embedded in the Ubisoft Club mobile app. It now appears this app has practically confirmed the existence of Watch Dogs 3. When asked about the third installment in the action-adventure franchise, Sam mentions an early build and the development team. For contrast, when asked about the next installment in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, the game refers to Origins and the Rogue remaster.

Since this assistant is an official part of the Ubisoft app, it’s hard not to take this as confirmation that the game does exist and occupies the empty slot next to . If so, then it’s possible that this game is featured at E3 and releases before April 2019. While nothing is truly confirmed for Watch Dogs 3, even its genuine existence, it’s likely to follow suit with the first two installments and feature a new main character. Check out Sam’s confirmation of Watch Dogs 3 below:

If this practical confirmation isn’t convincing enough, it’s worth noting that the official Watch Dogs Twitter account stated “This is everything” before the tweet mysteriously disappeared. Many speculated that it was the beginning of a viral marketing campaign, which is seemingly supported by Sam’s acknowledgment of the game. All of this teasing seemingly suggests that an official announcement is forthcoming, although any specific date is guesswork.

With the advent of Watch Dogs 3, expectations may be high for the game to follow up or improve upon previous installments. While Watch Dogs 2 was praised for its story and UI, it has also been criticized for its physics and repeated gimmicks. When and if Watch Dogs 3 is confirmed by Ubisoft, what would you like to see improved upon in the game?

Watch Dogs 3 has yet to be officially announced.