WeChat’s Mobile App for Wechat Official Accounts

WeChat official account has already reached 300 million registered and active users in its second year after its launching. The platform continues to expand over the years, and as of 2017, it reached 3.5 million active official accounts monthly – a 14% growth from 2016. For this reason, it’s no wonder that brands and marketers try to come up with great content and effective strategies to connect with their consumers on WeChat.

As Wechat has gained to dominate the social media world in China, its official account has also been a trend these days. It’s already 5 years since the launching of the Wechat official account in 2013, but it still continues to gain interest among the Chinese people.

How WeChat Official Account Works

WeChat official account is an effective communication tool for businesses joining the Chinese market. Thus, it is essential for brands to launch their own official account to raise brand awareness in a cost-effective way. The official account is most commonly used by celebrities, media, government, enterprises, and other promotion services. Its target audiences are individuals and users who are active on WeChat.

The platform works pretty much the same as the Facebook page. Their only difference is that WeChat’s pushed content is a conversational type, and it can be found within the WeChat mobile app. Same with Facebook, WeChat allows its users to follow and even gather followers, send push notifications, chat other users, redirect users to a website or e-commerce, and many more.

Meanwhile, of course, every admin should undergo a WeChat official account registration before they can utilize the platform. If you are using the official account to advertise or promote your business, you should have enough knowledge about the whole process of the WeChat official account marketing – from choosing the right account type to understanding the set-up requirement.

WeChat App for Official Accounts

Tencent President Allen Zhang announced that the separate app for WeChat Official account will be released this year. The operational platform of WeChat before is highly reliant on PC. Therefore, once all the features in the PC platform are moved to the mobile app, it will definitely create a better experience for its users.
The new app will allow Official Account users to publish and edit a post on their smartphones instantly. Like many other social media platforms, WeChat official account application will let its user receive and reply to private messages, manage their followers or subscribe other WeChat users, transfer funds, and check or access their account analytics.

Other than that, one of the good news of the evolution of this social media channel is that WeChat is now accessible among iOS version after the company had negotiations with Apple.

The Many Uses of WeChat Official Account App

With more than 1 billion active users monthly, plus the innovation of the WeChat official account mobile app, it’s not surprising that the platform will supersede other social media giants. The Official Account is growing into a whole lifestyle, information, social, and shopping app. Therefore, WeChat is indeed arguably ahead of a lot of social media channels in the world.

The WeChat official account app intends to make everyone’s life easier, and below are the many benefits that all WeChat users can get.

Chat with groups or send private messages

Similar to other big social media channels, you can communicate with everyone wherever in the world they are, thanks to WeChat official Account app. The app has a lot of exciting features including voice and video call, text messaging, transfer money, send a red packet, share voice record, send stickers that are updated based on the currents trends, can make a group chat, and invite everyone to join.

Mobile banking

WeChat also allows its users to link their bank accounts to the platform wherein they can manage their savings, set up their credit cards payments, and create mortgage auto pay.


You can also make online payment transactions with the app. In fact, this is China’s most famous mobile payment method. Why? Because the app is the most convenient as it currently accepts over nine currencies in the world.

Boost Business

If you desire to do business in China, WeChat is a perfect choice when it comes to promotion and generation of leads. The platform has special functions that are specifically made to help businesses and enterprises reach the appropriate audiences. Admins can always come up with ideas on how they could encourage potential customer engagements.

Furthermore, a lot of businesses use the WeChat official account key opinion leaders (KOL) to promote their brand. Most of these key opinion leaders are famous social media users and celebrities who have reached massive virtual audiences. The KOL craze has been steadily building up over the years, so if you want to reach wider audiences, you can make use of KOL as they are really effective in creating a significant buzz to all companies including their products and services.


As the WeChat official account app continues to improve its features, having a WeChat not only for business but for personal use is a no-brainer. However, everyone should take into account that WeChat monitors what everyone does on the platform as Tencent makes sure that there are no critical messages shared against the government of China. Therefore, you should utilize the platform wisely.

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