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Why People Prefer Responsive Designs Over Mobile App - Vinova - Vibrant Innovators

Why People Prefer Responsive Designs Over Mobile App

No doubt, there is a growing trend of mobile optimization these days. The demand by the businesses and users for a mobile app or a mobile version of their websites is rapid because of their user-friendly nature, smooth and easy accessibility on mobile devices. It is hard to say if responsive design is better or mobile app. Over the past few years, there has been a drastic change in user consumption and so have the information and sales sources. There are several advantages of the mobile apps which increase its demand but there are many disadvantages which make responsive design more preferable by the users.

Despite the advantages of mobile apps for businesses, their processes are quite confusing for people. There are many technical requirements for a mobile app which are hard for people to understand in order to proceed with it. Thus, the decision comes to it, whether they will prefer a web product adjustable for mobile devices or are they going to invest in developing a new mobile app? In fast paced world, time and money are the basic parameters for considering options, especially when a technical aspect of the development process is involved.

Responsive web designs have a single URL which helps to access the web portals easily anywhere even if the internet connection is slow. It saves your data storage capacity as it does not require you to download a new app. You can easily use it when you like by just opening the website from your device.

Imagine if you have worked on a highly responsive web design and invested a lot of time and money on it but now you want to develop a mobile app for your business, where your budget will reach. Instead, creating a single website that works well on all devices and screens by just putting a little effort on its features can make it easy for you financially and technically. Also, to use the same design on any devices is easy for users than using and understanding many different designs of the same thing on different devices.

Not only that developing a mobile app doubles your budget but it is also time-consuming. Thus, a single website which is compatible with all devices can save your efforts and time. By adapting the design, content, method of interaction and navigation so that the website can look equally well on all type of devices ensuring that no matter which device is being used, people have same usability experience by saving their time for understanding content every time on different devices. In other words, the development time for a responsive design is less than creating multiple designs or entirely new apps. Also, app store approval processes and ever-changing guidelines, and keep altering the design makes mobile apps more time-consuming.

Promoting a business is a hard task and when it comes to promoting your website and your mobile app simultaneously, it becomes harder. The responsive design approach requires less effort, time and money because only one processes allow your website to be viewed on any device. It does not require your web developing or administrating team to stick to any OS guidelines or approvals, no extra branding and marketing are required.

When it comes to deciding which one is better, a responsive design or a mobile app, it is hard to say because it all depends on the user’s needs, preferences and comfort as well as the end goals of a business.