Why Your Salon Really Needs a Mobile App

Have you thought of having a mobile app for your salon? Whether it’s the first time you’ve thought about it or have been contemplating it for a while, take a look at some amazing benefits of adding an app to your salon business.


Salons today rely on their customers loyalty to prosper and grow. With so much completion it makes sense to incentivize and reward your customer for returning.

A salon app can include a loyalty program specifically designed to drive repeat business and upsales.

Quick Appointments

People don’t have time to come to your salon to make an appointment. Nor do they want to call every time they want to book an appointment.

An app lets your customers quickly and easily make an appointment with you. Remember, customers today expect such mobile-driven options that make their lives (and yours) easy.

Social Media Promotion

Leveraging digital marketing, especially social media platforms, will help your salon grow more quickly and enable you to build a larger customer base. By having an app that connects to Facebook and other important social media channels, you will essentially build a marketing machine that doesn’t cost anything.

Nothing puts your business in a good light as great word of mouth, especially when it makes it way through popular social media channels. You can encourage customers to recommend your salon on Facebook and Twitter right from your app. You can even incentivize the recommendations to grow your business faster.

Graphical Marketing

In the digital world, graphical marketing is arguably the most effective. You can use the mobile app to display your skills. A picture speaks a thousand words and in the beauty and hair business, the power of pictures is all the more potent.

A well-designed app can help you showcase the most amazing hairstyles with images your customers will love. For instance, our salon business app even lets you pull images directly from Instagram. Once you start using the app for your salon, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

Enhance Your Brand Image

Today the best in fashion business are also fashionably high-tech and ever-present online. This includes connecting with your customers via a mobile app. In the fashion and hair industry where so much is said and done for appearances sake, a well-designed app is the perfect way to communicate your brand image. Having an efficient app for your salon tells customers that you are both creatively and technically competent, qualities that everyone expects from salon providers today.

Other Features

Salon apps can include many other features all designed to grow business.

  • Push messaging can be used to alert customers of last minute appointments, the latest promotions or general hair hints & tips.
  • Geo-fence messaging can be used in a similar way to push messages but targeting users based on their location. For example send your latest L’Oreal promotion to customers as they walk past your salon!

With the right mobile app, you can make the most of the benefits described above.