Youtube Mobile App for Symbian

Youtube app is the official Youtube application for Symbian devices. It provides an easy access to the watch videos on youtube without launching your mobile browser. This app was launched way back in 2010.

The app is very simple and straight forward though it has several options to choose from.  You can Browse Videos, access your Favorites, Login to your account, view your Subscriptions, launch your Playlist and view your uploaded videos. Youtube Mobile Application version 2.4.10 is the latest version.

The app works in both Landscape and Portrait but viewing videos only works in landscape.

It plays videos fast and no buffer time (on 3G and WiFi) because the video playback quality is not that high (i think its set to 360p) and there is no option to change it. Below are screenshots from the video playback.

There are some settings that you can play around but not the video playback quality.


Youtube mobile app is a very simple youtube player. The lack of option to change the video playback quality is a shame since there are a lot of third party Youtube apps in the Nokia Store.

For Symbian Belle users: There are other alternative to this like CuteTube, FastTube, Youtube HD, etc. that can play HD videos in 720p plus can download videos in HD too. Youtube mobile is no longer receiving updates since 2010, that is why the app looks outdated and lacks features.

For non Symbian Belle users (s60v5): devices that can’t play HD videos and with low screen resolution, then this app is a MUST. Plus the app is FREE so there’s nothing to lose.

You can get this app from Nokia Store or by clicking here

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