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Indonesian FinTech Launches Mobile App for SMEs

An Indonesia-based alternative lender is turning to the mobile device to attract small business investors. Reports Friday (July 21) said Mitrausahua Indonesia Group, which operates a peer-to-peer lending platform, has launched a mobile app for individual investors of small businesses. The solution means individuals are now open to invest via a crowdfunding model, reports said.

BVG dedicates 108 emergency mobile App for Maharashtra

After success of 108 group reiterates its commitment by launching unique application Emergency services now available at click of a button In a bidto further provide relief to people in need of emergency medical assistance to needy people, Bharat Vikas Group (BVG), India’s Largest Integrated Services Company announced launch of Maharashtra Emergency Medical Services –

Animal Crossing mobile app speculation

Instead of waiting for 2018 to roll around, Nintendo isn’t holding back any punches concerning Animal Crossing’s foray into the mobile world. Given a deadline of March 2018, tomorrow we’ll get whatever information Nintendo can jam into 15 minutes of a special Nintendo Direct about the well-loved franchise. Until then, let’s speculate what the Animal

New Mobile App for Insulin Dosing

In the coming months, we’ll see the Roche Accu-Chek Connect system hit the market here in the States — giving us the first mobile app approved by the FDA that actually offers insulin dosing recommendations, via a built-in bolus calculator. Yes, this app will go where none have gone before — offering the convenience of