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How to create your first mobile app?

Setting a Goal Before starting the development process, one of the most important steps that are overlooked is to set a realistic goal. The app that is in mind should be unique compared to existing competitors while also providing its users with a high degree of value. With this, writing down the features, intended goals,

Biotron’s Mobile App and Partnerships Grow Their Analytics Platform

Biotron’s Mobile App and Partnerships Grow Their Analytics Platform recently closed their Initial Token Event in which almost 33 million of their BTRN cryptocurrency tokens were booked during their major crowdfunding round. The personal data analytics platform is now positioned to release their mobile application and capitalise on partnerships, in order to drive users

Building A Mobile App Using Flash Builder four.5

Executive Summary Adobe has currently launched Flash Builder 4.5. This launch permits builders to construct “Mobile Apps” for a number of mobile device platforms, further to developing internet applications and desktop programs using MXML and Actionscript three. This launch seems squarely centered at handling the recent comments from Steve Jobs and others, and the following

Companion mobile app introduced for California Spring Trials 2018

West Chicago, Ill. – Visitors to the Ball Horticultural Company stop during California Spring Trials will tour through immersive displays for hundreds of new products from all facets of the greenhouse industry. CAST18 in Santa Paula (April 14-17) is the premier event for innovative plants, breakthrough varieties and series improvements. To further enhance the CAST18