Infographic: Everything You Need To Know About Apple iOS 9


Every thing you need to know about iOS 9

Every thing you need to know about iOS 9

Image courtesy: Nine Hertz

[Educational Game] Bé Vui Học Chữ

Bé Vui Học Chữ

Bé Vui Học Chữ Google Play

A mobile education game developed by our very own team, Be Vui hoc Chu is an application that teach children how to Vietnamese letters in a fun, interesting and effective way.

Many preschool children as well as many parents often struggle to help their kid become familiar with the basic letters. Be Vui Hoc Chu will help kids love learning and remember the letters easily.

Each letter are illustrated by many cute, funny animals. Each animal is accompanied by their respective adorable sound, brilliant colours and eye-catching animations.

The game is now out on Google Play and coming soon to Apple Store.

[Mobile Education Game] Be Hoc Van

Be Hoc Van

Be Hoc Van IOS

Be Hoc Van Google Play


A mobile education game developed by our very own team, Be hoc Van is an application that teach children how to spell Vietnamese in a fun, interesting and effective way.

Many preschool children as well as many parents often struggle to help their kid become familiar with combining letters into words. Be Hoc Van will help kids love learning and remember the words easily

The words are illustrated by many cute, funny animals. Each animal is accompanied by their respective adorable sound, brilliant colours and eye-catching animations.

The game is now out on App Store, and Google Play

SG Stocks – Mobile Apps to track Singapore Stock Prices (STI / SGX)

Hooraay! Vinova team has just successfully launched its mobile app “SG Stocks” on both iOS and Android Platform. You can download the apps here:

  1. iOS version:
  2. Android version:

With sleek, elegant design, checking latest stock prices of the companies listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) could have never been easier. Seamlessly watch the market as it unfolds and quickly dive into data to uncover insights and trends on companies and sectors with informative data and graphs.

SG Stock features:

  • Real time, up-to-date data including opening price, intraday high, intraday low, traded volume, and price change.
  • Fast, simple search/add to favourites and quickly view the price movements of the shares you are interested in
  • General market data for overall insights into current market status
  • Basic Charts for Technical Traders


[Mobile Game] God’s Rage

Mobile Game: God’s Rage

God’s Rage IOS

God’s Rage Android

A mortal human is in love with your divine daughter. Stop him before he reaches her!

A mobile game developed by our very own team, God’s Rage is a reverse runner that put the player’s reaction skills to the test.

The game is now out on App Store and Google Play.


Infographic: These 30 Android Apps Will Make You More Productive


Top Android Productive Apps (Infographic)


30 Android Apps Will Make You More Productive

Courtesy of TopApp

Quality French Wine, Best Price, Singapore and Hong Kong – ChateauAsia

We have just launched a new ecommerce website for

They are building a lifestyle brand that strives to bring the French ‘Art de Vivre’ culture to Asia by enjoying good quality wine, food and company with our community of wine enthusiasts. Let’s Experience “Art de Vivre” with other wine lovers in Singapore




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