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Mobile App Security A Major Concern

Ensuring security of mobile apps is now of vital importance to every business. Every industry on the planet is recognising the growing trend of their customers conducting transactions and reviewing products as well as services via their mobile device; with some markets predicting their mobile. Customers have to be the number one priority and making

Gym In Tucson AZ Designs Mobile App

Health And Fitness Gym In Tucson Arizona Designs Mobile Fitness App A gym in Tucson Arizona has partnered with our developers to create one of the most advanced fitness apps that exists for mobile devices. The Tucson based gym Boxing Inc. came up with the concept when one of their personal trainers received a complaint

Mobile App Threats Continue to Grow

Mobile App Threats Continue to Grow Criminals looking to profit from corporate resources and information keep going after mobile devices, two new reports confirm. Security threats aimed at mobile devices are evolving and shifting – and show no sign of going away. Those are the key results found in a pair of just-released reports on