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Mobile App Development: Outsourcing vs DIY

There are many reasons a higher ed institution might decide to take the plunge in developing a mobile platform. One of these reasons could include admins finding it increasingly difficult to connect with their students. More often than not, emails go unchecked for days at a time (sometimes indefinitely), making student engagement harder than ever.

Key Challenges In Enterprise Mobile App Development

Enterprise mobile applications improve operational efficiency by eliminating time and place constraints for employees. Launching a mobile application is a major challenge nonetheless. This article discusses the key challenges, and one simple way to make applications development less difficult. Enterprise mobile applications help in breaking intra-organizational silos and facilitating operational collaboration. They also enhance employee

flyadeal releases its Mobile App

flyadeal launched the first release of its mobile application less than six months after it started flying. With the release comes a first for any local airline; flyadeal is inviting its customers to help with improving the application. “We’re really excited about this development. This first release is very much a trial version of the