Month: June 2018

Javascript based mobile app framework Native gets bumped to 4.0

Featured Apps Programming Javascript based mobile app framework Native gets bumped to 4.0 Thursday, June 21, 2018 Progress’ mobile cross-platform development solution NativeScript is being updated to version 4.0 adding integrations with Vue.js, Angular.js, and more. The open-source Javascript based framework for delivering cross-platform native iOS and Android apps – NativeScript 4.0 from Progress has been announced. With

Mobile App UI Trends in China

Jul 20, 2016 Mobile App UI Trends in China While America is packed with internet-loving, social media fanatics, China is still beating our web-focused population with more than 705 million users. Unsurprisingly, China’s consumer load has influenced the way Chinese mobile apps look and function. WeChat vs Facebook WeChat is basically the messaging app of

How Can Retailers Improve Their Mobile App Experience?

Mobile apps are everywhere & retailers are very much enthusiastic to take the advantages of introducing them among the customers. Retail businesses show their interests in generating mobile sales along with increased revenues & organic traffic. Mellinnial Media reported that mCommerce grabs 4th position among the diverse business verticals including entertainment, finance, telecommunications, & more.