Month: October 2018

Automated Testing for Mobile App Development

Robust and repeatable testing improves any software development project. If you’re creating a mobile app, testing is especially critical given the unpredictable range of end user devices and location variables. Altova MobileTogether includes sophisticated Automated Testing features that let developers: Record a series of user actions as a test case Replay the test case in the

SSS Mobile App Finally Out

A few months back, the Social Security System (SSS) released their texting system wherein you can use texting for your SSS inquiries. Just this month, the SSS mobile app is finally out and the public can now use it. This was made for the convenience of people in order for them to have access to

How A Mobile App Can Help Your Business Grow

Apart from their sizes, businesses from all over the world are now migrating from traditional marketing like handing out leaflets, printing advertisements, and hanging billboards, to the digital marketingkingdom where they can reach target customers on their mobile devices. And in this era of advanced technology and digital marketing if you think that mobile applications

Mobile app fraud on the rise

Since 2015 there has been a 680 per cent increase in mobile app fraud transactions according to new research from RSA Security. The firm’s Q1 2018 Fraud Report provides analysis of consumer fraud data from the RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence team and offers an insider look at today’s cyber fraud environment.   RSA’s report

Latest Trends of Mobile App Development

Mobile devices are very common today. They not only serve as an effective means of communication but also work as a complete personal computer making users’ life simpler. Mobile applications have indeed revolutionized the ways we communicate, learn, shop, work, travel, and carry out marketing strategies. For businesses, mobile apps no longer come as extra