5 mobile app development services for fast, secure innovation

As demand for innovative new mobile apps and services continues to grow, enterprise mobility teams are likely to significantly benefit from mobile app development services to develop fast, efficient and secure apps. In late 2017, enterprises had an average of 2.6 mobile apps in development and another 6.2 in the development queue.

Achieving digital transformation in the enterprise is considered “essential to” business, according to 71 percent of executives surveyed by Ponemon Institute. However, 65 percent of the same executives say prior insecure transformation resulted in “disruption or damages to critical infrastructure,” including data breaches.

The best services allow mobility teams to deliver on transformation faster without sacrificing security. Here are five mobile services your developers need to know about today:

1. Machine learning services

The next wave of mobile user experiences for the professional is personalized to the individual use case and powered with artificial intelligence (AI). In the smart enterprise, mobile apps are enhanced with augmented intelligence for better decision-making.

Machine learning capabilities are now available for mobile app development with tools such as Watson Services for Core ML, which combines Apple’s on-device capabilities with AI for the enterprise. Mobility teams can draw from simple development capabilities to create apps that connect securely to enterprise data and continuously learn and improve from user engagement.

2. Integrated app ecosystem

If there is a single mobile app development service with the potential to revolutionize efficiency, security and speed in the enterprise, it might be an integrated app ecosystem. Platform as-a-service centralizes development in the cloud to quickly build, run and maintain apps across all operating systems.

Internally, an integrated ecosystem enables benefits such as BYOD and more secure mobile device management (MDM). Research also shows the benefits can be external. Customers are three times more likely to interact with a completely integrated brand on mobile and 10 times as likely to engage with all aspects of mobile apps.

3. Access management

Stolen user credentials were the most common action that led to data breaches in 2017 according to Verizon, resulting in 22 percent of incidents. While credentials-based attacks are shifting best practices away from passwords to risk-based access, mobile teams may lack the resources to create a homegrown tool for authentication.

Adopting services for identity and access management can improve security for employees and customers. Services can also enhance enterprise data protection by enabling secure single sign-on across mobile, web and cloud technologies.

4. Fraud prevention

Last year, Javelin reported that account-based fraud crimes in the US reached $5.1 billion. Financial institutions bore the brunt of these costs. Services powered by AI can mitigate the risks associated with new user account fraud for industries at risk such as finance and insurance by using rich predictive capabilities to assess factors such as user behavior, device health and more.

5. Continuous security testing

Only half of DevOps teams include application security testing elements in continuous integration and continuous delivery workflows, according to a recent Synopsys survey. The respondents admitted they aren’t testing in spite of knowing continuous attention to security can reduce “risk and rework headaches.”

Mobility teams unable to find time to test may need apps and services to automate continuous security. Solutions that identify vulnerabilities early in the app development life cycle can prioritize risks in production. Mobile services for security can reduce costs and prevent the risks of releasing products with wide-open security vulnerabilities.

Innovative mobile app development transforms enterprise

Mobile leaders face a great deal of pressure to deliver innovative new mobile apps and services while balancing competing pressures of limited mobile talent resources and heightened security risks. Some of the most exceptional mobile app development services can enable teams to unify their development environment into a single cloud-based platform to gain efficiency while fast-tracking access to must-have capabilities such as machine learning, access management, security testing and fraud detection.

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