5 Tips to utilize Push Notifications of Magento mobile app

Hey buddies,

How are you going? The new sales season is coming. It’s time for you to wake up from a long winter night and feel the breath of early summer with breezes and honey sunlight.

All you need to do is prepare for your new campaigns and of course, don’t forget to utilize your mobile store app in marketing strategy since its pushing notification system can help you a lot in drawing the attention of your customers.

However, not all of you can make the best out of a little message called notification. It is obvious that some of you do not keep these following tips in mind.

1. Short but sweet

The biggest difficulties that all of you will encounter is “How many characters that a powerful notification should have?” And the answer is quite simple: about 100-120 characters. Don’t ever try to write more, just keep your notification short enough that your customers just need to glance at it and understand what it conveys.

But being short is not enough, you need to sharpen your words, utilize your vocabulary base to beautify your notification message. Eg: 2 push notifications for Valentine Campaign of a Fashion e-store.

Message A: On Valentine day, you will get 50% discount when buying our shoes. Quickly! Go shopping now.

Message B: Sweetie, listen to the call of love. Let’s share your love for shoes with us in V-day. 50% off for all of you. Share now!

It appears that 2 messages both deliver the same message: 50% discount when buying shoes at this store, however, which one do you prefer, which one is sweeter and more attractive?

This tip is the most important one you have to keep in mind whenever you write a push notification for your Magento mobile app.

2. Call to action

Every push notification contains its message and target inside and most of the time, the target is customer action. Therefore, it is important to encourage them to perform this action instead of delivering a general message. A push notification should include some question that lures readers to do something or incomplete information that they want to explore more. Even a statistic or numeric information

For example: “ One man in Ohio received a Rolex watch from our program. Do you want to become the next?”

3. Timing is everything

Timing is extremely essential to the success of a push notification. What happens if your customers receive a push notification in the midnight or when they are busy at work? Being annoyed and maybe they will delete your .

In contrast, a message appears at the right time will gain more attention and convey the full message it contains. In sales season, push notifications should be sent more frequently because customers will look forward to them and thus a message about discount or sale of the campaign will attract them the most.

In fact, timing for pushing notification will vary among types of business and companies. Therefore, it is recommended that your app should integrate with Google Analytics to track your customer behaviors.

4. Smart but not spam!!!!

The volume of pushing notifications will decide your app from normal to spam and vice versa. Too many notifications might annoy your users and make them opt-out, or in a worst case scenario, delete the app.

Therefore, you should calculate and adjust the times your app notification sent to your customer devices. It is best to send update notification once a week or even two weeks.

5. As personal as possible

An emotional message will blow anyone away more easily than a straight and formal one. More importantly, you should get to know your customer’s hobbies, behaviors so that push notifications from you can meet their demand and preferences. The more personal notifications are, the more customers become your loyal ones.

These above tips are only useful if you can apply all of them together. In addition, you should test your mobile store app push notification first after using it in reality. Some website now allow to preview your mobile notifications like Navjotpawera

If you find more useful tips, feel free to comment here so that many people can learn that from you.

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5 Tips to utilize Push Notifications of Magento mobile app

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