Citi Mobile App Quick Review

Still wasting precious minutes or hours of your life waiting in line to pay your bills? Imagine how much time in total we waste heading to a payment facility and falling in line. These are precious minutes of our lives we can never get back!

Good thing there’s no need to do that anymore. Many people have discovered the ease and convenience of paying bills using the Citi Mobile App right at the comfort of your home, your office, or where ever you may be. Yes, you can skip the traffic, the tiring commute, and the endless lines so you can spend your precious time and energy doing other things in life.

Aside from paying bills via mobile, the newly-enhanced Citi Mobile App is packed with a boatload of other amazing features that you will love. It’s a game changer that will definitely revolutionize the way you use your card—bringing so much comfort and convenience while letting you spend time with the people you love instead.

Here are the top amazing features of the amped-up Citi Mobile App that will forever change the way you utilize your credit card.

1. See everything you need to know right away, and at a glance
The app’s main interface features a photo of your card; right under it are all the necessary details about your account most users want to check on a regular basis, like balances, transactions, statements, and available credit limit. You can even track the points you earned, miles accrued, as well as eligible rebates.

2. Keep up to date on the greatest deals, promos, and offers!
You also get updated on benefits exclusive to Citi credit cardholders. A few clicks will open up a whole world of discounts and promos you can use while dining in hotels and restaurants, traveling abroad, and shopping. These amazing deals will help you save a lot of money since some merchants even offer up to 50% off on their products and services exclusively for Citi credit cardholders.

3. You can view and download your statements
It’s so easy to keep track of your purchases and stick to your budget using the Citi Mobile App. When it’s that time of the month or the year to tally your expenses and prepare your budget, you can just view and download a copy of your statements via the app. No hassle, no fuss, plus you get to reduce your carbon footprint by going paperless!

4. Easily search for transactions
Can’t remember how much you spent exactly on your big purchase last week? The app features an intelligent search system that lets you just type in the name of the merchant to retrieve details of the transaction you did with them. This gives you the power to keep track of your expenses, so you can stay right on top of it all even while you’re on the go.

5. Convert credit card statements to easy installments
Need more time to pay off this month’s statement? The Citi Mobile App can help! This feature lets qualified users enjoy the option to convert a portion of their credit card balance or an unbilled transaction worth at least P3,000 into easy and affordable monthly installments. What’s even more amazing is that it only takes a click of a button to convert your outstanding balance to monthly installments. That way you can put your mind at ease.

6. Get cash loans you can pay off in monthly installments
While we try our best to save up for emergencies, there are scenarios that call for cash quick. And your Citi Mobile App can help you with that too! With just a few clicks, eligible cardholders can take cash loans on their credit card using the app on their phone. It’s paperless, fuss- and hassle-free, plus the application outcome is instant.

7. Puts you in control of your card’s use.
Misplaced your card, or think you’ve left it somewhere? You can use the app to temporarily lock your card so no one else can use it. “Temporarily” means, while you are still trying to find it! So once you get it back you can just unlock it with a tap. No need to order a replacement that might take a while to get to you. And depending on your mobile phone model, you can add additional security features to your app by using fingerprint authentication.

These are just among the many amazing features you can enjoy when you download the newly enhanced Citi Mobile App onto your phone. Why waste so much time, effort, and energy falling in line, waiting for an operator to be available, or going over the counter? You have the power to do all that with just a few clicks using the mobile phone in your pocket, while you’re sitting in the comfort of your home.

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