Detroit Lions mobile app now utilizing Apple Indoor…

DETROIT – Ford Field has become much easier to navigate after an update to the Detroit Lions Mobile app introduced wayfinding features.

Pittsburgh-based software developer YinzCam has introduced wayfinding features through Apple Indoor Positioning into the Lions’ mobile app. They are the first NFL team to implement the feature into their app.

Users must accept the app’s request for location services before they are able to see their current position on the app’s interactive map of Ford Field.

Included is a filtering system allows users to find restrooms, elevators, clubs, bars and restaurants represented inside the stadium. Menu details are also listed. Once choosing a location, a dotted line will be added to the map, showing the quickest route to the desired location.

“Before we had our map, we had a lot of fans who would ask simple questions, like ‘Where is the elevator?’ or ‘Where is the restroom?’ But this map has everything layered into it,” said Todd Marcy, the Lions’ Director of Digital Operations. “YinzCam’s custom development also provides us with a lot of flexibility, so that we can quickly go in and modify the locations within the map, adding a new concession stand or menu, depending on what type of event is taking place on a particular day.”