Employ These 6 Clear Tips To Improve Your Mobile App

Having a mobile app for your business is not a matter of hiring someone to make one, then never looking at it again. To keep your customers happy, you need a sleek, perfectly functioning app. Always look for ways to improve your mobile app.

Collect Data

You can fix a problem if you don’t even know you have one. The first step is to collect data from your users. Once you find out who they are, how they’re using your app, and what they’re not using in your app, you can start making the right changes. Continually track performance metrics, so you can see usage changes that occur with updates, as well. This empowers you to make smarter improvements over time, so you can always deliver updates your customers want.

Ask Your Customers
As is almost always the case with customer satisfaction, if you want to know what your customers want, just ask them. They’re typically more than willing to share what they think with you. When customers needed a way to quickly store contact information from a business card, Insightly added a business card scanner to its app. To find out what your customers need from your app, poll current users in-app or ask them to complete a short survey. You may offer incentives for survey completion, such as a prize drawing. You may also choose to reach out to customers who are not currently using your app. Is it because they aren’t big on smartphones or is your app lacking the features they really need?

Encourage Customer Engagement

Does your app make it easy to share activities via social media? Can your customers contact you without leaving the app? Your app can be an excellent opportunity for increased customer engagement with just a little tweaking. Encourage users to Tweet their recent purchase. Promote social media sharing campaigns in-app, such as a featured Instagram image #YourBusinessName. While you’re at it, be absolutely certain you’re tracking and appropriately responding to social media mentions of your business.

Let Them Shop

If you sell things, chances are good your customers want to buy from you via your app. You might be surprised how many businesses are missing this vital feature completely. Customers want to make reservations, order products, schedule services, and get price quotes. They want to do it instantly and without leaving your app to do so. Make sure they can accomplish these tasks quickly, in-app, and without technical problems. Remember, your app is taking up space on their device and it won’t stay there for long if they can’t do anything useful with it.

Make It Usable

In addition to making your app aesthetically pleasing and technically sound, your customers must be able to navigate it. To be sure your app is intuitive, consider hiring a good designer or using a reputable DIY app builder. Test the final design to ensure the app you offer your customers for download is actually usable for them. It should be simple, but feature-rich, without being cluttered or confusing to navigate. While you probably won’t be the one creating the app, it’s important to know what you want and communicate that to your designer.

Test It
Regular testing is the only way to ensure your app is always working well. Whether you hire a service, an individual, or do it yourself, you must test your app frequently. Not just when the app is updated, but any time operating systems (OS) are updated, you’ll need to do a compatibility check. Many an app has grown stale and died after an OS update broke the functionality and no one ever bothered to fix it. Did you know you should be A/B testing just about every aspect of your apps, as well?

Poorly chosen icons, design flaws, constant crashing or freezing, and the inability to perform necessary tasks with your app are all obvious reasons your customers could delete your app. Frequent testing and constant analysis of data will help you avoid these glaring mistakes.

Exceptional customer service and proactive engagement will keep you from making less obvious mistakes, plus let you address problems immediately as they arise.

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