Five mobile app trends to watch in 2018

Mobile apps are developing at an incredible rate. When you combine this with the increasing part that smartphones play in all of our lives, mobile app development becomes a very important part of any business.

With around two billion people worldwide, many of whom look at the phones an incredible 387 times a day (in the 15 to 24 age bracket), you need to be up to date with your mobile app to get – and keep – their attention. So here’s what to look out for in 2018.

The internet of things

There’s been a lot of talk about this idea over the last five years but it’s finally starting to become a reality. More and more of our daily lives will be connected and developers will have to keep on the move in order to keep up. Much of this connectivity will be achieved via smartphones.

Will the internet of things have any benefits for your business? Speak to a developer to find out more.

Accelerate mobile pages

Known as AMP, this was introduced by Google to reduce page loading times. There’s also an isolated search index for mobile web which looks set to transform all mobile app development approaches over the next year.

Pages will load quicker, the bounce rate will be reduced and visitor numbers will go up. That’s the idea at least.

Mobile payments

This is a big one for businesses as it opens up a potentially huge market of mobile online shoppers. Up to now, customers have been using internet banking, credit or debit cards to make payments, but are increasingly switching to Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

This switch to m-commerce will be a good way for businesses to harvest data and get in-depth analysis about who is buying their goods.

Augmented and virtual reality

These are ideas that are spreading their wings wide over all future technology. Both AR and VR have huge potential to transform a number of industries. Retail, healthcare, engineering and even real estate may all be revolutionised. Just imagine going on a virtual tour of a property from your smartphone.

On demand apps

Services we can look up and book online, such as laundry, takeaways and more, make our lives easier. There is great potential for businesses offering on demand services through mobile apps. Speak to our development team to find out more