HeadSpin launches with mobile app testing and experience monitoring platform

Mobile application testing platform HeadSpin Inc. launched Monday with a new service for developers that it promise will provide quality assurance through every stage of the development process.

HeadSpin said the main purposes of its platform are to accelerate application release cycles, build apps for complex user environments and alert developers instantly whenever their code breaks. In addition, HeadSpin’s platform can monitor user experience and performance issues in real time, the company said.

Many application development platforms make similar claims, but HeadSpin stands out thanks to the credentials of co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Manish Lachwani, who has worked at a number of companies, including Zynga Inc. and Google Inc.

Lachwani was also the co-founder and chief technology officer of mobile test automation platform provider Appurify Inc. before it was acquired by Google. He later helped Google to create in-house testing services for its developers, allowing them to speed up application development with fewer problems. Lachwani also notably helped create the first Kindle OS for Amazon.com Inc.’s Kindle device.

During his tenure at Google, Lachwani realized there was an untapped opportunity to deliver visibility into user’s experiences with their applications.

“Current application performance management solutions provide developers no visibility into the complex user experiences around the world,” Lachwani said in a statement. “As a result, developers are not getting ahead of performance or user experience issues. I knew we had to build something to solve this, so Brien, my co-founder, and I teamed up to start HeadSpin.”

HeadSpin’s platform has been tested extensively by a number of high-profile organizations, including Tinder, DocuSign Inc., Akamai Technologies, Inc., Telestra Corp. and Dell Technologies Inc. Using the platform, these companies have been able to deploy code rapidly without compromising on quality or performance, HeadSpin claimed. The platform enables continuous testing and monitoring of applications in real-world conditions, both before and after release.

One key advantage of HeadSpin is it enables developers to respond to the diversity of user environments that cannot be replicated by emulators or simulators. Developers also save time because the platform can identify where bugs and other performance issues are likely to crop up thanks to its artificial intelligence-powered monitoring technology.

HeadSpin rolled out some impressive numbers to back up its claims, saying it has helped developers identify performance issues that cause 80 percent of user complaints and 60 percent of user experience issues. That resulted in a 40 percent improvement in customer experience and a 25 percent improvement in reliability, the company said.

“Unlike other solutions, HeadSpin’s data driven platform is able to proactively uncover ‘hidden insights’ through learning,” said Tinder Chief Technology Officer Maria Zhang. “This helps us fix our app issues before launch and have something reliable and repeatable to test or measure.”

Image: HeadSpin