Ideas To Prepare Your Mobile App For Upcoming Holidays

In the holiday season, shopping is the first thing that comes to the mind of people. Everyone today prefers to shop online to gain comfort as well as heavy offers and discounts. The high-end popularity of mobile apps makes the best use of smartphones and now entrepreneurs cannot deny the fact that omnichannel shopping is reaching heights of success in parallel.

The brick-and-mortar kind of conventional shopping guarantees you high revenue but they are fading their charm with mobile abundance. The mobile apps play a big role in the sales, marketing and operations of the business. Studies have revealed that the searches related to mobile-shopping have maximized to 120% in the previous years.

When technical aspects are noticed, the smartphones are the extensions of today’s arena where mobile apps are used at the best. Especially, in the holiday season when there is a high use of these apps, you can multiply your sales by implementing some effective ideas.

Let’s check some of them-

  1. Use a Loyalty Program

The Loyalty programs are inherently exclusive as they offer multifarious benefits to the customers. You can leverage the existing customer data through survey tools or a data analytics solution and start targeting customers via rewards. They can also be lured through the products in which they have a personal interest. Studies have proved that around 80% of the consumers change brands if they are offered with the tempting incentive.

If you have a well-created plan for the mobile apps for this holiday season, you can easily keep your existing customers in hand. Here, you have the extra privilege to attract your customers with reward programs. This can help you pay off once the holiday season is over. It is pretty simple to retain an existing customer instead of searching for a new one. This makes it beneficial to reward your existing customers with an effective loyalty program.

  1. Focus On Mobile Shopping Patterns

In today’s arena, consumers use their device to show their purchase decisions. No matter it is a holiday or an effort for investment, users of today treat their phone as a research tool. These are actually critical options for the retailers to communicate well with the buyers.

If consumers search a particular product on their mobile device before going to a physical location, your brand should act as a resource. A retail app can localize reviews, ratings, and availability along with other relevant information that can hamper a customer’s way of purchase. Targeted mobile advertising runs in the similar way to drive in-store traffic.

When shopping activity peaks in the holiday season, customers expect a seamless experience across several channels, from desktop to in-app to in-store.

  1. Try A Marketing Tool

Mobile apps can act as a wonderful marketing tool because it is easy to be integrated into the social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.

From a single tap, customers can easily share the apps and communicate the experience which they had along with a valuable promotion. Moreover, a mobile app is the perfect platform to notify users about new products which can be of their taste.

  1. Use Data In The Optimum Manner

Most of the people must not be aware of the fact that the mobile app’s data can be used effectively to boost customer experience, generate heavy sales and improve user engagement on a whole. With your biz mobile apps, you can get a featured data set that can be quite fruitful for you as a retailer.

You can fetch different metrics with the mobile apps including demographics, store traffic and the shopping times. All of these things will collectively work to update marketing decisions, improve messaging quality, boost conversion rates and maintaining all the other aspects.

  1. Embed Beacons

Beacons are becoming popular in the digital marketplace due to their ability to communicate effortlessly with the user smartphones. Above that, they provide granular, valuable insights into in-store user behaviour across their different applications.

With beacons, retailers can blend the digital and physical shopping experience during the Holiday season. It also enables the in-store push notifications as per the specific interests and behaviours of the users, the purchase history, and the location within the store.

Beacons can also be considered as a goldmine for analytics which allows retailers to track things such as in-store activity patterns, footfall, recency and frequency of visits. It also holds many other insights that pump users to inform decisions about the future Holiday seasons.

Wrapping Up

With mobile technology expanded largely in the current market, it is an important touchpoint in the customer’s journey. For that business personnel who want to compete with the rivalries must ensure to use a mobile-first strategy. The above-mentioned points can be the probable ways using which one can leverage the mobile apps for this holiday season and in turn get the maximum possible business profit.

Author Bio

This post has been written by Ashni Sharma. She is an expert mobile app developer from AppsChopper and an enthusiastic writer. Her writing skills depict the interesting facts of the mobile app development along with the finest ideas one can input in his biz app for outstanding outcomes.