Memverse Mobile App for iOS

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Wow, this is exciting! I can hardly wait to get my hands on an iOS device! Will the app potentially be able to work (in the future) on Android devices, or would it have to be written form scratch again? Thanks for all your work on this!


@Nateowami Someone is going to have to create an Android version of the app. We now have an iOS version and a Windows phone version so Android is the next one to get done.

Wow, this is a tremendous blessing!! It will make it much easier for me to keep up with my verses. In the place where I live, there’s always a lot of waiting while I’m out and about — slow Chinese buses, pol. checkpoints, etc. Now I can make good use of that time and be encouraged by His Word by reviewing verses wherever I am.

Thanks so much for putting this together!!

How does it work? I downloaded it but the memorizing session is really confusing!

Even more wanting an Apple device!!! Thanks, Andy. 🙂

I’m sure this will be a wonderful tool! Thanks so much! I’ll have see about downloading it. 🙂

Awesome! I downloaded it and use it all the time! 😀 and so does James. but the quizzes don’t seem to work on it…

Thanks for all your hard work!

It sounds like a wonderful tool and will be with one all day. I hope you put an app together for the Android System as well. Keep up the great work.

My Mom downloaded it to her iPhone, but it isn’t working….the app won’t open. Is that a problem on our end, or is anyone else having that trouble? Thanks!

@Amara J According to the link posted, you need iOS 9. On the iPhone you would go to Settings > General > Software Update (or something like that). It will tell you what version you have and you can update from there if it’s out of date.
If you already have iOS 9 then I don’t know what to suggest. When you tap on the icon *nothing* happens? Or it opens for a moment and then crashes? Or something else?

@The Doctor Which version of the app are you using? I see on the page linked to that in version 1.1 the quiz is now working. It also adds support for multiple users on a single device.

@Nateowami: Oh, okay. The iPhone isn’t updated to iOS 9. But it is curious though….my Dad’s iPhone it worked, but it isn’t updated to iOS 9 either…..I don’t think. Thanks for your help!! I’ll double check to see if it’s updated or not.

EDIT: Ah, I updated, and now it works!! Thank you, Nateowami!

For some reason, I can’t figure out how to add verses on the app, and when I’m typing out longer passages, it generally starts at verse 4 and when I’ve typed out the last verse, it does verses 1-3.
For example, in Psalm 139:1-18, it has (recently (ever since I added it) started at verses 4-18 and finished with 1-3.

@Nateowami- Actually, It’s working now. Thanks tho. 😀

@James C. I would suggest asking on Get Satisfaction if possible (it’s the “feedback” tab on the right). Those posts get a lot more visibility. (I’ve never used the app myself so I don’t have any suggestions).


I couldn’t get the Memverse app unless I upgraded to iOS 9, which I did. Since upgrading, it hasn’t worked – opens briefly and then crashes. I’ve not had one successful use of it yet. 🙁

It’s a great app to have – but only if it works. It worked initially but now it just crashes every time on both my iPad Mini gen 2 and my iPhone 6s – all running iOS 9.

Any idea of when the fixes will be made?

@Kurt I’ve noticed the same thing. It crashes whenever I try to log in. And then after that whenever I open it it crashes. I tried reinstalling it and it did the same thing.


Hi everyone – I’m working on getting the bugs fixed bit by bit. (I haven’t had much time lately). If you’re on an iPhone 4s there is still a bug that I can’t figure out. I think newer phones should work more smoothly (there are still a few bugs). Please keep posting feedback here or (even better) on the black ‘Feedback’ tab on the right of the screen.

Does this also go for iPads? It crashes on that, too. 🙁


@Andy Thank you so much, and thanks to anyone else who helped get this iOS app off the ground! I am very grateful, and I look forward to others being blessed by an Android version too. I only have one question. I have held out and fought hard against switching to one of the “other” apps because I love Memverse, but especially because of the Supermemo Algorithm (Memverse is the best!). Anyway, I am wondering if the iOS and Windows apps still review based on the algorithm? Thank you, and God bless your hard work.


Josh – yes, the iOS and Windows mobile apps both use the Supermemo Algorithm … our plan is for the Android app to eventually use it as well. You should find that all the mobile apps will synchronize very well with the website so that you can memorize on any platform and your progress will be reflected consistently.


We’re aware that it crashes for users that have 1000’s of verses. We’re working on getting that fixed.

I know you guys are already working on this but I’d just like to chime in and say that I’d love an Android version! Have you got a rough timeline for it or is it still just an idea for now?