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A mobile app, together with it’s cutting edge technology, will offer your clients an engaging experience and will ultimately lead to retention, reduced servicing costs, increased revenue and improved customer satisfaction.

Our apps have over forty five (45) options to select from. These have proven to be enormously popular with customers and a wide range of companies in different industries alike. We are also able to develop a fully customized mobile app for you if our vast feature list doesn’t already include what you require.​

A complete listing of features can be seen underneath. It is also adviseable to download some of our other client’s mobile apps and see for yourself some of the features they have chosen for their mobile app. In addition we have developed over 50 mobile apps in the past year , so there may well be a mobile app type that we have not featured on our website that would satisfy your requirements.

A mobile app is unlike any internet site, social media or email campaign in the way customers can interact with it. Mobile apps on the back of the technology of today can utilise the smartphone’s builtin technical capabilities such as GPS. With GPS integration your app becomes “location conscious”. It knows where it is using Google or Apple geo-location services.

This is particularly useful when you want to target customers inside a determined geographical area – permitting you to send messages, discounts, coupons and targeted marketing messages to your customers based upon where they are currently located.

​Consequently you’ve got the ability to push the best information, at the right time to the precise group of people you want. This positive engagement will increase satisfaction and the value you offer them.


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Some of Our Mobile App Features  + Many More

Some of Our Mobile App Features in More Detail

Customised Appearance

Make your app your own, with your own style and appearance.

Website Integration

Connect with your website to perform transactions or display webpages.

Social Media

Connect customers to your social media channels to build a social engagement strategy.

Virtual Reward Cards – set & stamp

GPS Check-In – visit in store to unlock QR Code – Scan to receive an offer

Messaging or Push Notifications

Send exclusive app messages to users

Immediate, Scheduled or Automated

Initiate engagement when you want 24/7

Contact Details

One-Touch technology that offers the user multiple ways in which to contact your business from within the app.

Show off your business and your team members

Drill Down & Multiple Pages

You can set up your business information three levels deep so users can view menus, products, services and other content you want them to be aware of.

Shopping Cart

Users can shop from within your app just as they would on your website

3rd Party Integration

Integrate your existing shopping cart or create your own within the mobile app

Gallery allowing users to upload images

Allow your users to book a reservation, appointment or car service from within the app and at the same time upload the booking to their calendar with an automatic reminder

3rd Party Integration

Online booking tools such as Groupon, Open Table, Front Desk, Mind Body, Book Steam can be integrated with your bookings

Points of Interest

Display your Points of Interest in a Map view or a List view

You can show Logo, Description. Images, Comments, Contact Details, Social Media, Directions

Use Cases

– Locations of your branches
– Nearby Points of Interest that are relevant to your customers
– Around Us
– Business or Community Directories

Connect With Us

Allow customers to easily connect with your social media channels from within the app

YouTube Channel

You can sync your YouTube account to display and play videos in the app

Display your Points of Interest in a Map view or a List view

You can show Logo, Description. Images, Comments, Contact Details, Social Media, Directions

Use Cases

– Locations of your branches
– Nearby Points of Interest that are relevant to your customers
– Around Us
– Business or Community Directories

Sign up customers to your newsletter or customer database from inside the mobile app. You can customise what information you want to collect from them and then export these contacts into and email campaign

3rd Party Integrations

Email marketing services such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, iContact, GetResponse and Constant Contact can be integrated with your app

Display Documents

You can display and have any type of brochure, catalogue or pdf documents readily available to your clients. e.g. legal document, onboarding form, etc

Custom Forms

You can create any variety of form types for your users to complete and submit directly to you from inside the app. These can be integrated with the online form builder Wufoo.

App Camera

Users can be encouraged to capture and submit images through the app, which in turn can be used for awesome social content and on your website.

All images are reviewed and approved by you.

Image Gallery

Your image gallery can be used to show case your best side. Images are optimised for Android and Apple devices.

Images can be categorised by album or per event and can also include captions.

Make your app go viral with easy ways to share the app link to friends and family from within the app and using multiple distribution channels.

Fan Wall

Your Fan Wall can be used to connect and communicate intereactively with customers.

This community can be easily managed and gives you the ability to manage posts by users.

Play and purchase songs and albums from iTunes and Sound Cloud

Include RSS feeds for users to easily read any blog or website post

An easy to use loan calculator for users to calculate repayments on their loans.

Tip Calculator

When dining out this is a handy function to have in your app to calculate the tip for two or more people.​

Score Tab

Keep track of your favourite teams score at games you follow​

By creating a username and password for an area of your mobile app you can create a closed membership function to your mobile app

Mobile Food Ordering

You can let your customers order food while they walk. They can select what they want from your menu and then pay for it within the app, while you receive an email and printable confirmation.

3rd Party Integrations

Easily link your chosen food and menu ordering tools into your mobile app. Example: Grubhub, East24, Olo, Seamless, Onosys, and MyCheck

Car Finder

What a handy feature to give to your customers. None of that “Where did I park my car?” Users can find their car using GPS directions and avoid penalties with the parking meter reminder service that’s built into this feature. You can also share your car’s location in Google Maps.

App Analytics

For you to maximise your return on investment in your mobile app, it’s important that you understand how your customers are using your mobile app. Look at statistics such as who, what, when, etc so that you can target your marketing efforts in the right direction. With focussed targeted marketing you will ensure a positive return on your efforts.

App Management

App Management tools and Dashboard keep you in control of your app through your own Content Management System. From here you can manage content and functionality easily.