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We are in the process of making an iPhone/iPad Open Source Runner Mobile App.

What’s that?

Well, the idea is to create a native iPhone/iPad app that does the basic functions of RunSignUp – Search for races, see Race Info, Register for a race, View and Edit Profile, See Results. But all integrated within the iPhone.  So you want to take a photo of yourself for your profile, click a button and your iPhone Camera pops up. Want to put the race that you just joined on your iPhone Calendar, click a button. Want to have Maps direct you to your race, click a button.

Why Open Source?

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We have several technology partners who are in the process of creating mobile apps that will be used by races. By giving them unlimited access to our source code, they can just take the part of the code that makes sense for their races or applications.

Also, large races and large timers want to create their own private label apps. They can freely use our open source code to do some of the work and enable better registration or results viewing.

Also, we are extending our Open API to include a bunch of things for race registration. This means other people can create their own Mobile or Web apps to access the RunSignUp backend. Having the source gives developers a big head start!

What is Included?

When will this be available?

By the end of August the source code will be available on GitHub in the RunSignUp Open Source directory.  We will also have a Developer version of the

Mobile Race Registration

software available for the adventurous.  For our purposes, we see most runners being satisfied with using a Mobile Browser. They are happy with the fact we provide a complete UI that adjusts dynamically to mobile devices – over 37% of runners are registering on mobile devices today. If we see demand from end user runners for this app, we will consider releasing it as a branded app.

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