Spotify event next week to focus on mobile app

Earlier this month Spotify distributed invitations to an event in New York on April 24th, but this original invitation didn’t offer any hints as to what exactly to expect from this event. Today Spotify has followed up with a second invitation which clarified that the event will be centered around its mobile apps. It’s not exactly clear why they felt the need to send this now, but perhaps they were looking to downplay things a bit given the speculation that the company could be introducing its own hardware.

There will be presentations from the chief R&D officer, VP of product development, and the global head of creator services. So presumably this is no small matter, but the company was likely looking to head off the rumors that it is releasing a piece of hardware.

There are a couple theories that are topping the charts for updates to the Spotify mobile experience. One is a voice control feature that a small number of iOS users have already seen and, of course, is less exciting to Android users that have essentially had this functionality via Google Assistant since last year.

The second theory comes , citing the ever popular “people familiar with the matter”. This change would be relevant across both platforms as it involves changes to the free tier of Spotify service. Mobile users on the free tier would be given better access to playlists and greater control over the songs they hear on these playlists. No question that free users would appreciate these changes, but it would seem like it might necessitate a change for the paid tier as well to further differentiate things for those customers.

Next Tuesday we’ll have the answer as Spotify takes the stage to unveil what’s next in mobile streaming.