Top 10 mobile app development services for your enterprises


The app-savvy and tech-savvy young professionals today prefer to carry out their work using their smartphones only. Afterall, mobility is the safest as well as the most convenient solution to carry out a day’s work in the office.

Top did come up with a solution to help the young working professionals in their day-to-day work life.

So here are top 10 mobile application development services specially designed to cater the on-demand requirement of the enterprises.

1. TSheets

Available for Android as well as iOS users, this particular application is the perfect application for those companies who need to keep a track on their employees. Companies especially the HR department need to access each employee’s performance during the time when salary has to be generated or hike has to be decided.An individual’s location, time spent on any single work, vacation and holidays etc.

each needs a common platform to record and track them for future use.

So get this app NOW!!

2. ClickMeeting

Company owners, market heads and CEO’s have to partake in many audio and video conferences now and then. Either to communicate with clients or market their service and carry out business activities, such conferences require similar applications, which ClickMeeting application offers.

This application supports different types of meetings online without any fuss. Such application saves time and unnecessary expenses.

3. SurveyMonkey

Participate in online surveys right from the smartphone from target customers as well as employees can be a deciding factor even for the large organizations. SurveyMonkey does exactly that but from the smartphone.

Polls can be created to forward and analyze directly from their personal phone.

4. GoCo

Human resource department of any company is always taken for granted but little do the others realize that their work is most important. So to help these HRs’, mobile developers have created quite a few applications.

And one of them is GoCo that comes with interactive tools to automate the entire process and generate reports accordingly.

5. AcquireTM

This is yet another application for HR department of any organization to offer hassle-free talent hunting and acquisition opportunity through the smartphone device. The entire recruiting and hiring process is easily managed to allow the company to easily scan and choose the best talent for the company.

6. Ecwid

Any startup or entrepreneur needs to create his or her own business website. However, hiring external developers only contribute towards raising the unnecessary budget.

Therefore, the application such as Ecwid gets integrated easily with websites built with the varied content management system to handle the technical side of an e-commerce website easily. Changes can also be inducted into the existing sites with the help of this particular application.

7. Freshdesk

This is one of the best applications to help the employees complete a task in a group. This application has also been the editor’s choice where employees are notified of their new assignments, attach notes and share tickets with other team members.

8. Google Web Designer

This is one of the best applications for professional ad agencies especially. Designing customer-centric, responsive and animated applications become even more simplified with such an application.

Several other features can also be added into the application to explore an individual’s creativity. 3D content ads can easily be defined courtesy such a useful app.

9. HubSpot

One of the best marketing automation tools, HubSpot has the supportive application designed for both the Android and iOS users. Contacts between marketing sales and service are easily taken care of along with the system to monitor leads, communicate with other teams and a lot more.

10. Presynct OnDemand

An extremely useful application, Presynct can come in handy for those who take care of internet security issues. Such an application has a wider scope covering the range of industries.

Anyone can report on security issues through their mobile device. Images and videos on such matters can also be issued right from the application.

Wrapping up

Best android or around the world try to find out different ideas or services that might prove to be an effective concept behind any application development service. In the era of smartphones, it is but obvious smartphone applications are the most convenient tools to conduct the day-to-day activities.

Right from shopping to ordering food, carrying out official work to arranging an event, cleaning your laundry to traveling to other areas etc, all these services require applications to support their needs. The blog here mentions similar applications that can work perfectly for those who struggle to meet their targets in their office.

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