Top 4 Tips For Reducing Mobile App Abandonment Rate

The mobile app development is increasing like never before! This is very evident when we look at the app stores be it android or apple app store. Apart from the growing amount of app’s , we can also see a high app abandonment rate as well. The abandonment rate of mobile apps has increased with the evolution of technology. According to a research conducted by android app development experts, the abandonment rate of a mobile app as high as 95%. This study gives a shocking figure in front of the app owners.

Mobile apps are set up for creating a more engaging relationship with customers. Therefore, it is more captivating, intriguing and a rich feature mobile app which is highly crucial to bring success within the app business.

Let us discuss some tips by which the abandonment rate of the apps can be reduced:

Tip 1: Release the latest app functionalities over time

While you plan to release the mobile app which will have multiple features integrated with it, it is better not to release all the features together. For example, if you 10 amazing features within your app, while releasing the app launch only 4 or 5 of them. When you upgrade your app by adding features, user consider the app getting new features and offering new opportunity for o users. This way you can create a curiosity which is enticing for the users and make them stick with the app.

Tip 2: consider releasing latest app version and re engage the users

Every app needs upgradation but sometimes users don’t notice changes which are made in the app version until it too huge or significant. It is alway ideal that when you invest in app development and updation, it is important to make users aware of it. It is not always about spending but also the valuable time which is invested. In order to reduce time, you can use push notification to make users know about the changes which you have made in the app.

Tip 3: add personal and emotional touch into the app

Iphone application development professionals view that infusing the touch of emotion can create a great bond within app and its targeted users. Smartphone usage is on high rise and you should consider creating an app that should create maximum engagement. When an app miss the emotional touch it lacks the connectivity, hence, people prefer opting out of it. More is the app is friendly, better it can connect with users.

Tip 4: Users are not your testers

If you intend to release the app and then fix the bugs and technical glitches as users interact with app, then you should consider it as the end of your app’s journey!

Once a users bounces out of the app due to any reason would never want to come back and invest their valuable time. It is ideal therefore, to test the app before launching it for the users. Once you start getting negative feedbacks, there would be no come back.

There can be several other reasons for app abondance but surely these four are the major ones. Be careful and keep these factors in mind.