Top mobile app design trends 2017

Mobile apps have only really made an impact over the last five years, but what an impact it has been. Few technologies can claim to have had such a dramatic effect in such a short period of time, changing the way many of us interact with our friends, favourite brands and services.

So for a technology that is so powerful, perhaps it is not surprising that it is developing at such a rapid rate. Mobile apps are getting better, smarter and more intuitive, and here are several of the main ways that is happening.

A move away from flat

Of course, there are limitations of the screen format but a move away from flat design is a key trend in app development. Shadows, translucent elements and card designs are adding depth to mobile apps and making the user experience more pleasurable.

Diverse colours

Traditional mobile app colours have been sober and sensible, with the thinking that in such a small space vibrancy might be a little too much. But the current trend is towards big and bold, with stand out contrast.

Custom graphics

To really make your app stand out, it’s not quite good enough to use stock graphics and images. Custom illustrations, icons and images help to create an app identity that really stands out. Skeumorphic design, where icons and images look like their real world counterparts (think the trash can icon), are also making a comeback. But there has to be an interesting design twist.

Intuitive design

Hidden menus and hamburger menus can inhibit user experience, as it is often not clear where the information is being stored. New design trends are putting information in more accessible places, with floating action buttons and navigation tabs.

Conversational interface

Chatbots and online PAs were big in 2016 but now it’s getting more sophisticated. Trying to connect with clients and customers in a meaningful way is a great way of increasing sales and engagement. If you can start a dialogue with your customers, then you are half way towards your goal.

Virtual and augmented reality

After several years of threatening to make a big impact, this could be the year that it happens for both AR and VR. Some new hardware is hitting the market, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Google Pixel that are making these two technologies a reality.

If you’d like to know more about how to make your mobile app stand out, or how to keep up with current trends, then get in touch with our design team.