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How does Blockchain Boost the Security of Mobile App

We are already familiar with the term Blockchain, which is often regarded as the base of all cryptocurrencies including the renowned bitcoin. However, this recorded set of the digitalized ledger has not limited its functionality to conducting financial transactions, but the innovative technology is also boosting the mobile app security. Today cyber-attacks have become more

Why Your Brand Needs A Mobile App

Do you find more and more of your website traffic coming from mobile devices? Here are four reasons your brand need a mobile app… 4 Reasons Your Brand Needs A Mobile App Mobile devices are in everybody’s pockets, so it’s no surprise that improving the mobile experience has become an increasingly important priority for businesses

Tarot Reading Through a Mobile App

Free Tarot Readings, a rage in today’s times, are a very convenient method of getting correct guidance on our path of life. To understand its importance, we need to understand what Tarot card reading is all about. Tarot card reading is an ancient form of ‘fortune telling’ where a gifted person with good intuitive powers

Mobile App Success Story: Pandora Music

Many people are aware of the connection between music and human emotions. And this relationship is even more powerful when technology allows people to take their favorite songs everywhere. Pandora Music was built with the purpose to generate strong feelings for users while they are listening to songs specially recommended for them. There are some

Mobile app for ambulance services in district

The Kozhikode District Administration in affiliation with the Active Network Group of Emergency Life Savers (Angels) has given you a mobile phone utility that would help ambulances attain locations on time. All ambulances inside the district and trained volunteers are connected through the application. Mobile App The app makes it less difficult for commoners to