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Should Your Company Develop a Mobile App?

Image Source: It’s no secret that mobile web use has skyrocketed over the past several years, with smartphone ownership in the U.S. nearly doubling between 2011 and 2015. And these smartphone users are all about the apps. The average smartphone user downloads 8.8 apps per month, spending 90% of their time on their phone

University of Arizona launches mobile app to track Zika

In response to the Zika outbreak, University of Arizona’s College of Public health researchers and the UA Bio Computing Facility have released a crowd-sourcing mobile app to track the disease and help detect outbreaks. The community-based disease detection system, Kidenga, allows public health investigators to both track mosquito-populations within a community and identify those experiencing

How to fight mobile app spoofing

Thwarting ad fraud tactics on desktop is daunting enough, but tackling fraudsters’ moves in the mobile world is now a significant concern as new threats surface daily.  Beyond domain spoofing, one of the most vexing problems brand marketers need to take a careful look at is fraud in the mobile universe, specifically, fraud in the

Surgery-ready spinal implant system offers delivery-tracking mobile app

San Diego-based , a provider of disposable, sterile-packaged spinal implant systems, is releasing an app that will allow medical teams to easily request and track new shipments of the company’s products on demand. “Though each hour is critical, healthcare providers eager to operate on [traumatic injury] patients often wait for more than five hours because