Blizzard Launches Mobile App

When it comes to mobile apps, Blizzard is no stranger to the mobile platform. The company has launched apps like its mobile authenticator, as well as launching an app for World of Warcraft. Now it looks like Blizzard has launched a new app in the form of the app which is basically the launcher miniaturized into a mobile app.

For the most part it sounds a lot like the launcher in which gamers can see what games their friends are playing, add new friends, as well as chat with them. “If you’ve ever wanted to see what games your friends are playing while you’re headed home on the bus, or quickly add a new friend you’ve met out on the town, now you can with the Blizzard mobile app.”

It is a rather basic app but if you’re the type that can’t seem to tear yourself away from Blizzard’s games, then this app should do the trick. Perhaps in the future we will see it gain more features, but for now it seems like it’s a communications app. The app should be available for download via the iTunes App Store as well as Google Play.

However as Blizzard notes, the roll out is in progress which means that there is a chance you might not see the app available in your region yet, in which you’ll probably have to wait until it is available which hopefully won’t take too long.