Key Features Not to Miss While Designing a Mobile App

Mobile apps play an integral role in the success of businesses nowadays, and hence it’s no surprise that most business owners are keen on cashing on this opportunity to attain big in terms of revenues. This makes it clear that the competition in the mobile app marketing landscape is quite intense, with there being millions of apps available for download. Hence, your app ought to have some extraordinary features and must be perfect in every sense to make a mark in the app market and stand on its own. You just can’t afford to ignore or be careless in terms of the functionalities and features present in the app.

Every single feature integrated in your app must be meaningful, or the chances of your app turning bloated and inefficient are really high. Thus, the developers must be cautious at each step. They should be wary of overburdening their designs with superfluous features that add nothing to the app’s value or fails to enhance the experience for the users.

It is crucial to have discipline and practicality while going ahead with the app designing process as they are essential in building of functional, responsive and enjoyable mobile app.

Here, , A leading Mobile Development company, have covered the mobile app features that must be taken care of during the app designing. They are crucial for the users and they really look for them in an app while using it. Hence, you simply can’t afford to miss them.

Onboarding Process

This is a very important feature and its brilliance lies in the fact that it helps in ensuring that the features and benefits of your mobile app are well-understood by the users. Even though the app navigating experience must be intuitive, still it really benefits the app users to have a little help early on as they initially install the app.

Users tend to appreciate the idea of a bit of hand-holding and as you efficiently onboard users to your app it helps them in getting the maximum benefit. This proves to be great in increasing their satisfaction and the frequency of using the app.

As of now, 70% of users on an average abandon apps just after using it for a day, and developing a strong onboarding process significantly helps in enhancing user-retention.

To shed some light on its importance, we can have the Facebook messenger app for instance. It is a brilliant example of a streamlined onboarding process; like as the app is installed by the users, they are connected with their Facebook account and app functions are shared in a really simple manner. Hence, you just get set go.


An app lacking streamlined focus is bound to be a disaster. Hence, always stick to it. Even though it may come around as simple, but often gets overlooked when the purpose and goals of the app are not carefully strategized. Hence, it is vital for an app to serve the ultimate purpose of the users with a clear need. In fact every component of its functionality and design should be crafted in a way that it meets the user’s requirements and accomplished their tasks with an utmost comfort.

As you consider adding a new feature to the app, give a lot of thought to it. Is that functionality really essential and does it serve the purpose well? Does it succeed in improving the overall experience for the users? Will it succeed in filling a gap in the experience that is being presently delivered by the app? Did the users express the desire to get this feature integrated in upcoming iterations? If it’s not the case, then it maybe not worthy to incorporate the said feature in your app.

A great app tends to have an organized layout with appealing visuals and offer helpful tools to its users.


So how do you provide the best user experience to your audience? Well, the idea is simple. Simply offer them with the most relevant user experience, and as equals to the best. It works wonders to give a personalized feel to each user as they use your app. This will make the experience immensely relevant for them.

As you onboard users, ensure asking them a few important question so to know their goals and preferences for using your app. This information can then be used to tailor the content and deliver the user what they actually desire.

Personalization is globally demanded by the app users nowadays and this is something highly expected by them in a mobile app experience. Stumble Upon does a great job of personalizing their app experience via their onboarding process where the users are asked to recognize the topics of their liking. This way the content is tailored and they see the same as the app is visited by them.

Easy Navigation

How easily a user is able to navigate the app tend to be the crucial and essential factor of any app. In the last few years, this new trend of tabbed menus centred at the top or bottom of the screen has cropped up and has been really prominent. Users know it well to use the menus intuitively, and do it with ease as menu items can be tapped easily.

In such kind of menu, space is mostly an issue as it is limited; hence practicing restraint is necessary to not end up overburdening them with the loads of features. Restraint ensures simplicity which is an instant recipe to win users.

Also, consider using card-based layouts which are great to represent categories of content in a manner that is both intuitive and visual for users, hence keeps them engaged with the app.

Feedback Mechanism

No matter how diligently you create a comprehensive strategy and how clearly focused you are for the app, there will be things that you will miss and areas that would need improvement. And nothing serves as the best mean to enhance the experience for the users other than feedback and who can be best to offer insightful advice than your actual users.

Make the process to offer feedback you need to improve the app experience easy for the users by building feedback mechanism. This allows developers to get instant access to useful insights as well as let the users know that you value their opinions.

Final Note:

Focusing on the functionalities and features that are significant to users is the core of mobile app development. Users get instantly bowled over by an app that offers simplicity and speed; hence these qualities must be the foundation of your development strategy.