Mobile App Programming: Top 5 Mobile App Development Programming Languages

6:00 am: Alarm clock (an app, by the way)

6:15 am: TechCrunch, Mashable, Pop sugar..No, no..back to Techcrunch

6:30 am:  Shapeup, Fitbit… let’s just say lots of fitness apps

7:30 am: Uber


(Candy crush saga, Clash of Clans, Amazon when your boss looks away)

Lunch break: Grubhub

7:30 pm – Uber again

8:00 pm – Facebook (lots to catch up)

9:00 pm – Skype with mom

9:30 pm – Facebook again (Forgot to stalk my ex-boyfriend)

10:00 pm – Let’s not really get there 🙂

Did you realize that we start our day and end it with apps? They are so integral to our lives that we would be lost without them. With over 2.2 million apps on Play Store and 2 million apps in the App Store, getting successful in the app marketplace is becoming more challenging than ever for developers. A strong understanding of how an app is built is essential for anyone to be successful in the market. In this article we will cover one of the most important aspects of building an app i.e. “Engineering”.  Apps are created using various programming languages at both front-end and back-end engineering. Let’s check out the 5 basic languages that are used in app development:

  1. SQL (The Noodle): Rather than spelling out the individual alphabets, it is pronounced ‘sequel’. Like the universal noodle, SQL is found in different flavors/formats across the globe. So this is a language that has been tried and tested by almost every app developer. Big businesses, small businesses, hospitals, banks and universities are powered by MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL servers.
  1. Java (coffee): This object-oriented programming language is easy to use and is good for enterprise. Java can be trusted on the performance part, just like a cup of coffee can do wonders on a sleepy day. Java helps you build a common code that can be run on multiple platforms. It can be used with and without a browser.
  1. Swift: (Watermelon) It is the latest iOS programming language used for writing Apple’s API Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. A big advantage of this language is that programmers can write code and see the results in real time. It requires less code and is similar to C++ and objective C. Like there is something to eat and drink in watermelon, Swift is a very user-friendly language with many advantages. LinkedIN, IBM and American Airlines are few of the companies that have utilized Swift.
  1. Python: (Rice) one of the most commonly taught programming languages in US schools, Like Rice, Python is easy to create and use. It requires lesser number of codes to develop an app that would require more in other languages. It is a server-side scripting language for mobile apps and websites.

“Python is a great first language, Python is a great last language!”- Noah Spurrier

  1. C: (Pickle) C is one of the oldest and most widely used languages proving as a good base for various other languages. It is used mainly for operating systems and embedded applications. Like a pickle, it adds flavors to other languages as well.

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