3 Key Tips for Hiring Mobile App Developer in Singapore

Revenue generation from mobile apps is forecasted around 189 billion US dollars by 2020. This revenue will come from app stores and in-app advertising. Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store are the two major stores for mobile apps download. One of the consumer trends which is changing the way content consumes is, smartphones are preferred mode of communication. About 58% of the Google searches happen on mobile devices. This stat shows us that Google usage is more on smartphones. Let’s roll down and see what’s required for mobile app development in Singapore. 1- Business development along with mobile app development You may find an extensive list of mobile app development companies in Singapore but it’s rare finding a company which offers business insight along with mobile app development. Most of the startups opt for developing mobile application even if they can rely on mobile responsive site. Hiring mobile app developer from a professional company has benefits. For instance, they follow project management approaches where transparent communication and feedback takes place between development team and client during each phase. Business team takes the rough idea and matures it with their market research. They let the client know if the product penetrates the market or which market segment will respond well towards product/app. 2- Portfolio, see if you find quality apps Company portfolio is very important. If they had developed quality mobile apps in the past, this means they can surely take your mobile app to the next level. Download some of their apps and see how their features work. Analyze their work and check out the app reviews on the app store. A thorough research into the company’s portfolio can help a lot. 3- Critical thinking, skills and experience Setting unique selling point (USP) is crucial in mobile app development. Mobile UI designer is the one who sets the UI patterns and elements, do interact with the designer and ask for his experience and skills. An app development is more than just a code. App should perform well on respective stores. We are not talking about App Store Optimization (ASO) services but do look into Google trends in mobile applications, it’s necessary before building an app in real.

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