Calculating Mobile App Game Development Cost : Tips and Tricks

It is not possible to calculate mobile app game development cost at beginning, it is of course possible to know the range. Here’re some crucial factors that can be taken into account to know the range.     

Cost often plays aprominentrole in decision making, whether you are planning to execute an idea or venturing into a big investment. The same goes for mobile app game development, which got a major boost with AR and VR. Undeniably, the technology gave a genuine reason to smile to those of mobile game lovers.

Mobile app game development cost is the first thing that often comes in mind of those planning to invest into this. Always bear in mind that no app game development company can make an exact prediction about mobile app game development cost based on your ideas. It is really complex to discuss about overall cost of mobile app development initially.

So, what are the ways to calculate mobile app game development cost?

Though you can’t calculate the game development cost, it is possible to know the range, which is highly important to make a proper budget before making your final step to invest. All you need to do is to consider the following important factors while making budget for mobile app game development.  

Mobile Operating System

Bear in mind, the cost of game app development heavily depends on your selection of mobile operating systems. You can choose either of Android and iOS. Apple OS is costlier than Android when it comes to integration of administration system and payment gateway.   

Android becomes expensive if you are seeking to make your game compatible with older version. Though Hybrid is expensive, it offers lots of advantages compared to both Android and iOS.  

Initial Expenses

Mobile app game development is of course an expensive venture. So, it requires special planning and successful implementation to ensure its success in the market. App professionals sit together to do a rough work. They analyze idea, strategizing the thing and ensure successful implementation. Though this is a planning phase, it needs expenses too.    

Game Script

While preparing a game story, some important factors like nature of game, target audience, market, etc., are taken into account to make it user engaging and interesting. A proper character and story is required to develop game app successfully and also to avoid any glitches in future.

Besides, these are also the most important factors that keep users engaged till the end. An average hourly charge for a game app planner is approximately $20 for every project they handle.    


Once professional app developers analyze your ideas and do necessary planning, they then heed for mobile app game development. This is the most important step that involves a proper execution of strategies to shaping game app development ideas into a real product. It needs a lot of expenses to develop the final product. To understand the thing properly, overview different types of games.

Mini Game (On an Average $10)

If your interest is to develop a mini game like Ping-Pong or others, then your budget should be around $5k to $20k.

Mid-Level Mobile Game

Mid-level mobile game needs cost approximate $50k to $120k. These mobile game apps are blessed with vast content related to story, characters, visuals etc. These elements increase mobile app game development cost.   

Higher Level Mobile Game

For a higher-level mobile game, the development cost is between $100k to $250. Though high level mobile game development is expensive, it makes you highly rewarded and is good for investment purpose.    


Remember, no one is interested to play with slow or buggy mobile app game. Testing is required for every developed app to ensure its smooth functionality and work flawlessly. Meanwhile, it requires nominal expenses. So, you can manage your budget accordingly.      

Conclusion: –

Though getting details of mobile app game development cost is complex initially and majority of game developers don’t provide information in this regard. It is possible to know the range by overviewing different phases of game app development. You can go through every stage one-by-one to gather complete details in this regard and make budget accordingly.