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Well, who said  mobile app store growth would become a fight between iOS and Android?  As it turns out Samsung, a sleepy Asian giant, now
Apple’s threatened lawsuit against GetJar, calling itself a mobile “app store,” demonstrates Apple’s delusional grandeur to dominate mobile, media, entertainment and other industries it fancies. That Apple’s lawyers in the suit would suggest alternative slogans to GetJar’s management is beyond belief, except for the $18 billion at stake, per Gardner, for mobile app stores in 2011.
Mobile App Store Growth: Patrick Mork Conversation
GetJar, a successful firm in San Mateo, CA, has provided quality mobile software downloads to millions of customers, despite the iPhone Android mobile app store explosion.
In my podcast interview and blog post with Patrick Mork last year, “app store” is mentioned three times and “app” five times. If Apple had its way, my post would sound as if  written in 2004 (i.e. “the GetJar mobile software download service”).
Anyone who cares about mobile app store growth should be concerned about the constant flurry of lawsuits among Apple, Nokia, Samsung, HTC and other handset manufacturers.
Not content to win legitimate patent infringment cases, Apple now raised swords with GetJar and any firm selling software calling itself  an “app store.”
Mobile App Store Growth Silences Apple
Since Apple is not happy with its “Apple App Store” Google hits, maybe the company should go after the following businesses as well. (Oh, make sure its lawyers include suggested name changes to management in the first threat letter.) To help quell Apple’s lawyers neurons, I’ve suggested a few juicy alternatives:

* The Amazon Mobile App Store (Android only, but that’s probably next on Apple’s list.) I suggest “The Amazon Zap Store,” featuring the “CatZap,” a wireless device to better control feline behavior.
* The Facebook Mobile App Store (in the making): I suggest “FaceApp Farm Store.”
* The Shopify App Store. I’ve never liked the company’s name. Take the first letter and change everything to “The Sap Store.”
* Baidu’s App Store. Perhaps “Bada Bada Online.”
* While Apple, like Julius Caesar, continues seeking world domination, perhaps it should go after the U.S. Government which also provides online mobile apps. also includes the word “easy,” an word found on virtually every Apple webpage if not in the legal department. “” sounds good to stop the wrangling in Washington about the national deficit.
* Restraint of Trade. Not only does Apple want the name, it seeks to dominate worldwide pricing and profits in Korea and elsewhere. Don’t like its terms? Then sell Windows phones.